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                                      Azulejo Mural Cerámica
Ceramic murals of glazed tiles

In our artistic craft workshop we design and make murals of glazed tiles commissioned by our customers, from single plaques to large facades, and at the same time create exclusive collection pieces. All our glazed ceramic pictures and murals are hand painted.

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Decorative Murals Glaced Ceramic tiles handmade     Ceramic Signs  Murals Glaced tiles handmade     Religious Murals Glaced Ceramic tiles hadmade

Ceramic Mailboxes Decorative and sign Glaced tiles handmade     Ceramic Plaques Glaced tiles handmade     Restoration works of ceramic

Borders, Plates, Tables and Ceramic Mirrors  Glaced handmade     ceramic workshop artisan    
ceramic tile mural questions

Covering all the styles and sizes, we offer in this web some samples of our most significant products: exclusive original ceramic murals of tiles commissioned by our customers.
We represent by order any kind of image in ceramic tiles. We make your desired ceramic of tiles mural in the size, technique and colours you choose.
We invite you to browse the different sections of our wide catalog and if you see a decorative mural that you like, contact us and we will do a free customized estimate for you.
Our ceramic murals of tiles are handmade and fired in kiln up to 980ºC, thus they assure top quality and durability anywhere they are installed.

-Decorative ceramic glazed tiles Murals
          -Art pictures reproduced in handmade ceramic tiles murals
          -Still-Life ceramic hand painted glazed tiles murals
          -Decorative murals of Typical and Historical Scenes and Characters
          -Handcrafted ceramic murals with Views and Landscapes
          -Handmade ceramic glazed tiles murals with Modern style
          -Ceramic tiles murals handmade with Floral designs
          -Ceramic glazed tiles murals for Tables
          -Portraits in Ceramic Murals and Plates
          -Heraldic murals of ceramic glazed tiles
          -Marine mural with ceramic hand painted glazed tiles

-Signs with hand decorated ceramic tiles
         -Sign for Houses with Ceramic handmade tiles murals
         -Commercial art Signs in ceramic hand painted glazed tiles murals
         -Facades with ceramic walls of hand painted glazed tiles
         -Ceramic murals signs for Residential Areas with handcrafted glazed tiles
         -Sign for Schools in ceramic handmade glazed tiles murals
         -Street names and Signposting with ceramic handmade glazed tiles murals
         -Commemorative and Award ceramic murals with glazed tiles
         -Text sign ceramic murals with handmade glazed tiles  (cites, mentions, poetry…)
         -Logotypes with hand painted glazed tiles murals
         -Street plans and wall maps in ceramic handmade glazed tiles murals

-Religious glazed tiles murals and ceramic Altarpieces

-Mailboxes with hand painted ceramic tiles

-Decorative ceramic glazed Plaques

         -Names of houses in ceramic glazed plates or tiles
         -Ceramic Street numbers with glazed plaques and tiles
         -Ceramic reproductions of artists’ collections. Picasso Museum (Málaga)
         -Gratefulness and recognition ceramic handcrafted glazed plaques
         -Anniversaries and commemorations hand painted plaques
         -Prices, Festivals, Competitions ceramic plaques
         -Births, Weddings and Communions hand painted ceramic plaques
         -Signs with ceramic handmade glazed plaques
         -Toilets signs with ceramic glazed plaques
         -Signs with Ceramic glazed plaques for Schools
         -Ceramic tiles with Heraldic, Logotypes, Emblems
         -Ceramic plaques with Religious subject
         -Decorative ceramic tiles and plaques

-Restoration / Restitution of ceramic glazed tiles
         -Large projects of ceramic restoration
         -Restoration and replacement of pieces of ceramic works

-Ceramic hand painted tiles for Borders, Tables and Mirrors. Ceramic Plates
         -Ceramic hand painted glazed tiles for decorative borders
         -Ceramic hand painted decorative glazed plates
         -Decorative murals of ceramic glazed tiles for table tops
         -Handmade ceramic glazed tiles for decorative mirror frames

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